Patio Heater for Indoors & Patio Heater for Outdoors
patio heaters patio heater
Patio Heater for Indoor spaces
PHS (standard output)
Patio Heater for Outdoor spaces
PHS-HO (high output)

Patio Heaters for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces
Homes, Restaurants & Commercial

Our patio heaters provide even, comfortable warmth to your surroundings. With a patented design, our patio heaters convert gas–fired energy into infrared waves of comfortable warmth. Our patio heaters warm adjacent surfaces: floors, walls, and furniture for additional efficiency and consistant temperatures you won't get with other patio heaters.

Our patio heaters feature:

  • A modulating burner allows for incremental adjustments for your patio heating requirements
  • No open flames or glowing red parts (safe patio heater)
  • Low clearance to combustibles
    (patio heaters that can be installed in tight spaces where other patio heaters can't)
  • Energy efficient patio heater
    (Our patio heaters provide more warmth with less fuel – 40% less fuel!)
  • Stainless steel construction - durable patio heater
  • Heat treated aluminized steel infrared emitters
  • Sleek, sophisticated design (architecturally pleasing patio heater)

Our unique high–output patio heaters produce heat levels ranging from gentle to hot, and are easily controlled via a remotely located control panel. This exclusive feature allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your comfort and the conditions of the day.

Out patio heaters help restaurants and bars stay busy. The dependability of our patio heaters increases restaurant and bar outdoor dining seasons by 70 percent. Patio heaters keep your guests comfortable, extending their romantic evenings and increasing your profits.

Our patio heaters are carefully developed to meet your specifications and they absolutely outperform every other patio heater on the market. Our patio heaters are guaranteed!

Protected under the following patents:
Patent # 8,381,715 USA 
Patent # 7,654,257 USA
Patent # 2,523,295 Canada
Patent # 2,608,038 Canada
Patent # 2,833,022 Canada

HO patio heaters available in marine grade 316 stainless steel.
Why does 316 stainless steel make a superior patio heater?

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Patio heaters made in Loxley, Alabama, USA. Putting Americans back to work.

patio heaters made in the USA

patio heater control
Controlled Comfort

Patio Heating
(patent pending)
- Exclusive -
Remotel Patio Heater
Control Panel

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